Have a question on riding gear

I am looking at MX Socks, I am confused, I have not riden in over 15 years, I have corns and calusses on my feet, What MX Socks are most comfortable


Are you for-real man

What next you gonna ask what TP to use while trail riding

Yes I am serious my friends told me to get the Thick Wool Kind, But I was wondering if the Cotton are better.

Back 15 years ago we just wore plain old cotton socks...

Whats TP ? Should I get some

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I just use the high athletic type socks (I think they're mostly cotton, don't have one handy to check at the moment). I would guess that your boots will make a difference on how thick your socks need to be to prevent rubbing problems. If you've got foot problems already then maybe thick socks would help, but I use the regular high socks with my Tech-8's and have no problems at all.


I found that if you get a sock that is a couple of sizes too big , then you just pull them up real high til' you need some TP.

Then you just break out the old leatherman and TUDAAAA ......instant TP!

Socks usually only last about half a season and by then they are as short as tennis socks! But they are usually starting to show some wear by then anyway!

The only thing you have to look out for is bringing some Tough Actin' Tanactin for that "Athletes BUTT" that may be transfered from the sock!



Are you all nuts, I can not believe tis is a real questions. :)

Yes Buy all means go get some TP at your local Pharmasyst. While you at it ask for a left handed Pabt smear, it balences the TP :D

Damn you guys are wrong. You gotta give the ole timers a break. You can find TP in any local hardware stor and save some big money. Stop misleading them. They make you look good when you pass them.


For trail riding or moto I usually like to go with a good high-temp TP, which can be found for a reasonable price at just about any autoparts store. It's the same TP you can get at your local dealer, but costs about half as much.

As for socks, I usually just wrap my feet with duct tape...

Ducman just get the wool socks.

I wouldnt worry too much about the tp.

Trailside, ya grab a handfull o'dirt and rub it in there, or you can always go with the trailside buh-day, shake up a can of your favorite barley pop, bendover and crack it open, then go with the dirt!

Man I just Scrap My butt along the dirt like me dog riding the crapet :)

Its those big rocks ya look out for


I am gonna join the Cannondale group

You guys piss me off


In the woods, I just use leaves... as for socks it's individual preference. It sounds like a thick pair of knee high cotton or wool should do the job. In the colder climates wool retains heat well even when wet. Purchase a couple of different pairs and try them out, see what works best for you. :)

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Hey Ducman :D

Peace Bro We dont mean anyharm, I keep telling these guys to be nicer, butt they dont listen very well. So Ya thinking about a cannondale ? :)

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