First I want to say Hi to everyone here at TT.I recently bought a 01 WR426 and a 01 TTR90 for my son.We are very excited to get started riding.I need advice on a problem I fround while changing the oil on our bikes.When I removed the drain plug this nasty black sludge that used to be oil came out.Whats worse the oil filter had quite alot of metal shavings.What is the best way to flush these shavings from the system.

Just use new oil and new filter. There is not much else you can do. Welcome aboard. :)

Change the oil again after your next ride, this will help

flush out the rest of the crap, the guy you bought

from was not to hip on maintaining his ride.


P.S. You have found the best spot on earth to get info

on 4-Strokes.

Welcome to the brotherhood.

Jerry :)

Allright,lots of oil changes till the crud is gone.Other than that all I can say is I LOVE THIS BIKE WAHOO

I have the same bike,with a FMF power core 4 ,rejeted,gray wire cut,carburetor screw cut,air lid removed and Race Tech

rear spring for my 215 pound ass and love it.

Jerry :):D :D

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