The future of ThumperTalk


I know what you posted doesn't "need" a reply, but I thought it was appropriate and will mean a lot to most of us here. I know for myself that every time I work on my bike and do something or run into a problem, I think, "I wonder what the guys on ThumperTalk would think..."

Some of my two-stroke buddies even ask me about ThumperTalk and what I've heard, etc. since I talk about it so much to them.

Kinda wierd how we think of these machines, but I know it goes beyond that. :)


Y'all are gonna make me Cryy :)

DaveJ I can honestly tell ya this, you dont want me posting in the same frame of mind as when I go at the kicker. Otherwise the only guys that would get any slack would be the mini riders (and Ego) .


The new generation of four-strokes is obviously a bike that gets used by many of us for various types of riding.

It's almost a new form of an old sport that has taken over a spectrum from hard-core racer to casual weekend rider.

ThumperTalk has always been, and I feel should remain, a place for each of us to share and discuss the challenges within this seemingly revised sport as riders, friends, competitors, spectators, father's, son's and husbands.

Obviously, many of us know that ThumperTalk is something unique. The nature of the site and its populous has, on the most part, allowed it to remain clean from the complications of the masses.

Just the very nature of the site and the people it attracts is what makes it what it is. This perhaps explains the occasional post from an outsider looking for "something just like this" but for some other form of machine. A true complement to each and every one of us.

However, all things change. There are certain users that I remember that I no longer see posting, and there are many new user names that have recently joined in. Clearly the word of this worthy place has spread about the web community.

Personally, I just want ThumperTalk to become more of what it already is, and nothing less than what it has always been.

With that, we are a little overdue in what our creed is - the ThumperTalk mission statement. A goal and purpose within a one or two sentence pledge that each of us internally subscribes to. It's what we want ThumperTalk to be and remain for all those of the present and new comers of the future.

Yes, "Straight Talk about 4-strokes" needs a little of your attention at the moment.

We are crossing the proverbial chasm from "small-tight-knit" to "large-and-outspoken". Without some ongoing thread-of-purpose, we are bound to conclude like the others.

I come to ThumperTalk to learn how to be a better rider, a better mechanic, and to remain as much of a contributor to the optimistic and persevering cycle of ongoing technological advancements, (deep…huh?)

And often along the way, I need to be reminded of the humor that exists in all of this.

With that, there is no need to respond. All I ask is that you check (and post) into ThumperTalk in the same state of mind as you are in when your boot presses down against that kick-starter.


Thumpertalk......well, its like mechanic in a can! Mechanic on Tap!

Originally posted by BFLee:

It's a great way to pass the time at work.

Yes.. Yes it is.

It's funny you guys bring this up.

I was orginally member #109 before we had our little server mishap a while back. I've seen this site grow and grow and grow and not always for the better.

I have always hoped that this site wouldn't be come like others on the net. I think you all know what I mean. For the most part I think we've done a great job!

I dont post as much as I used to and to be honest I feel guilty. I've recieved so much from this site I feel like I should be giving more...

I think the site will continue to get better and better if people continue to feel like they should give back more than they get.

Have a great day!

Mr Toyz

Forgive this ignorance from a new member. Are there any plans to include quad forums in thumpertalk? The raptor/400ex/DS650 are getting real popular and many people could use such a forum.

Shawn I swear you starting to like me :)

Also, this is a good place for info also a bad place for info, just like any info you need to take with a grain of salt and listen for feedback.

TT is a talk board nothing more nothig less, Some of us "Shawn :D " take it way to seriuos.

Sometimes we really ned to just step back and see what we are really intending TT to be. Yes WE, We make TT what it is. I agree that the flames should stop (EGO) and the Uncontrolled outbursts also (EGO) so I think I have slowed down quit a bit.

But Its still fun and still informative Even Ducmans MX Socks Question.

Be Safe Be fun and by all means Take a break when it seams to seriuos its only a Talk Board :D

It's a great way to pass the time at work.

DaveJ, well said............. :)

bite your tongue... quads???? hmmm....what's next?...riding mowers? :)

Or even worse- 2 SMOKES :)

Pardon my ignorance but is that you Ego?

This board probably will not include quad talk anytime soon, unless its bashing. I like quads, but they are not the focus of this board. Innocent question; honest answer.

This was a great post by Dave J, even if it was on 4/16/02

Why did you bring back to life a topic that was dead 3 1/2 months before you registered on TT? Just to flame it? :)

i did not notice the post date.thats funny...flame away boys.... :)

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