two more 2000 WR400 questions

two days ago I bought a new leftover 2000 WR400 from a Yamaha dealer that was sick of looking at it. Today I finished all the free mods.

I put a 175 main jet in it. It that gonna be too much for an uncorked stock bike?

and can I trash my coolant overflow tank?


main sounds OK. You can always pull the plug after some time on the engine.

Yes, as long as you minimize the plonking speed, you should not need the overflow...the YZF does not!

Bin the overflow ?

If you are raceing for 40 min's near a van fine.

If you are 30 miles from water for 5 hrs is it worth a new Head and gasket ?

And what are you saveing by bining the overflow anyway ? :)

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