More 4th gear failures on '01 bikes???

What is the problem with the 01's and 4th gear?

See the following thread:

threclick here

Maybe I should have said "I keep READING" about this tranny problem that a few TTers are having.

I didn't mean to spook anyone.

Like I said, I have almost a 100 hours and no problems yet. I just was thinking of putting the new parts in BEFORE there is a real problem and was wondering if anyone though I was crazy. :)

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I keep seeing these 4th gear failures on '01 bikes. Mine has close to 100 hours on it now.

Is there any value in opening it up and replacing 4th gear (when yammie delivers the new parts) BEFORE it breaks and causes worse damage?

Fourth gear just failed in my '01 426. I have almost two years on this bike with no problems. Tore it down to find one tooth missing completely on the output shaft. Fortunately, I caught it in time to prevent any more damage, so just fourth gear needs replacing, and double that cost for all the gaskets!

My buddy just replaced his 3rd gear in his '00 426. I hope my '01 holds up I just replaced a cracked gas tank!

just replaced 4th in my '00. Just guessing had about 150-175 hrs of 99% motocross. Lost a tooth but didn't damage anything else.

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