I had posted in a different thread how I hated the noise from my TM Designs chain buffer. Someone posted that they had mounted thiers with Automotive Goop. I re-did mine with the goop. NO NOISE. NONE. QUIETER THAN STOCK. My suggestion for guys that still run the stock units, mount them with goop. It will prevent the notching/wearing beneath. Since the wear comes from the stock piece beating the crap out of the swing arm, if you goop it, it wont beat the swing arm. No slapping. Im really happy with this, it no longer sounds like someone is shooting at me!

There is a product called "Automotive Goop?"

Glad to help! :)

Goop makes lots of good stuff :D

I think the AUTO stuff gets harder than the other GOOP!

I hope it holds up.....

15hrs and going!


Am I hearing this right?

Goop... under the chain buffer.

Im not sure I understand.

Does it dry underneath and form a hard cement-like state or something?

Dosent it wash out at the car wash?

I would like a little more info on this please.

I just installed my TM kit 2 or 3 nites ago and read the thread with goop in it.

I put bathroom caulk under it and it seems to be a bout thesame as stock but more of a K n Ocking instead of slap.

Not too bad but different than stock for sure!

better be good for $170 at my sposored discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

What the hell is Automotive Goop? Does it set up as a hard rubber compound or what? How long does it take to set up? PLEASE TELL ME?

I used black silicone under my stock unit and I have minimal if any chain slap. It'll make it a little harder to swap when it wears out, but hey, it's better than a new swing arm! Plus, with the black color, you can't really tell it's there (I carefully wiped up all the excess that squeezed out).

"Household GOOP" dries a little softer than "automotive GOOP" , have not tried "Marine GOOP".... but I love it all.... "plumbers GOOP" ETC.

It dries quite hard (rubbery) and clear, sticks to everything, takes about 12 hrs to dry. can be found at auto parts store, Walmart, Or My house...I have about 5 tubes laying in each of my garages, and barns.

I used some yesterday to seal up a leak in my backhoe cab. @ yrs ago I fixed a large tear in my TT350 seat (sold it and its still holding up), and got a few months extra out of a leaking set of intake manifolds on the TT. (between the carb and cyl.)

More than a million uses!

Try it ... You'll like it!

Actually the best goop in the world comes from Dairy Queen

Its a small Ice cream chain here in CA not sure if its nation wide or note.

But buy a sundea and see what happens when you let it air dry :)

Ive used goop before, it pretty tough stuff for sure. I keep forgeting about it. I used it in the 80's to fix the matt on my jetski. Never came loose again. I used the Marine Goop, I got it from Home Depot. I just cleaned the swingarm with degreaser(kinda halfassed) and gooped the thing up. I let it set over night. Rode it up and down the street, couldnt believe how quiet the chain was. Goop is basically liquid vinyl. Its completely clear, but Im betting it will yellow. It does and will stick to just about anything, including glass, too bad it wont take fuel.

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