Rocks Suck

I went for a rip on the reservoir access roads today. I was absolutely flying. Passing everyone. There is a sweeper corner thats a gentle uphill then it drops to a tight corner. I was flying through it in 4th gear. I then realized i was going a little fast. I hammered the brakes. The back end locked up and slid out dirt tracker style. The back tire cought a baseball sized rock and was thrown off the trail. I was then trown down the hill about 10 ft where i hamered my knee on a big rock. Then I was airborn, then hit a few more times, then landed on a wood bridge. That chest protector probably save my life. I ended up being about 50 ft away from the bike. I couldnt walk for five minutes and now my knee huts like hell. The damage to the bike: the front brake lever is now in two pieces. The bike was just about undamaged. The morale of the story... always wear your gear and knee pads are only $15. So get em.

One more thing. Protapers rule! They didnt bend.

Protapers DO rule and so do knee guards. I've crashed so many times and the bars NEVER bend and my knees and shins are always protected. One question though, why do elbow guards cost more?

Originally posted by moto madman:

The morale of the story... always wear your gear and knee pads are only $15. So get em.

Thats funny, I thought the moral of the story was don't ride over your head and get killed on public property and get the area closed down.

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Its mostly private property and i know who owns it. The section by the res is town property. I know the guy who is in charge of that too. Everyone is not supposed to be riding there but the water department understands that this is one of the only places to ride and people do get hurt. All of the riders are very safe. We scout the loop and check for anything dangerous every ride. My post was badly worded. I never ride faster than can handle. I just happened to catch a rock.

Sh*t happens sometimes! I feel for ya moto madman. I took my 00 426 off a jump one time I'd been off a million times, only to find out that the ground had powdered up because it was so dry. Needless to say, 5th gear half open ended up in bent Renthals, handguards, sore hands, a BIG razzberry on my hip, and walking kinda stiff for a week. I agree with you tho, protective equipment is much cheaper than hospital bills! I launched an older PW 80 off a rock when I was younger and slid about 100 feet down a gravel road on my chest protector. I was lucky I had it on! My perspective on helmets really changed after I had to watch an uncle of mine struggle to remember anything because he hit his head on a rock. Buy the stuff and use it- they make it for a reason!

Good enough. I don't know the area you are talking about so I probably should keep my mouth shut. Yes, safety gear is always a GOOD THING. This weekend I was looking into one of those new donut style neck protectors and a set of full blown knee braces even though I have never had any kind of knee injury. I would just like to keep it that way :)

BFLee........try these guys!

They sponsored me this yr and have some incredible products including this neck support.

It is the same as Travis P wears.

I got one of their ultra lite under protectors and it is awesome. It probably only weighs about 1 or 2 oz.

My dealer parts guy got their knee braces and loves 'em!




thanks Hucker,

I already have the EVS undershirt chest protector/belt combo. The neck brace is the one I was looking at, the knee braces too. My local cycle shop carries their stuff.

Travis P needs all the protective gear he can get :) I hope he doesn't keep crashing his brains out. My three year old son idolizes him.

Originally posted by moto madman:

One more thing. Protapers rule! They didnt bend.

Glad to hear that. I'm putting some on my girlfriend's XR200. She needs some reallllyyyy tough bars. A friend bent his, but you should see the rest of his bike...arrrgh

p.s. rocks do suck. Customized my radiator and pipe on some rocks last year about 3 months after I got my bike.

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im still trying to talk my doctor into knee braces. If i bug him long enough im sure i can get them. I am also looking at neck support. I cant remember who makes it but i saw a neck brace in a magazine that didnt interfere with movement but offered good protection. It was only about $35.

Originally posted by moto madman:

One more thing. Protapers rule! They didnt bend.


<font size="6">NEVER!!!!</p>


After seeing 3 Collarbones sacrificed, the EVS neck protector is my best friend

something about new gear i got my kneepads on and wasn't on the bike for 15 mins got caught in a creek and fell over on a rock got up wouldn't start of course but anyway it feels like i fractured my leg but im glad they were on or i think it would of broke for sure


Originally posted by Salsahh:

something about new gear ...


Yes, new gear = bad mojo

tie all new gear to the back of the truck and drag it around until the new is all wore off

My only road racing crash in 3 seasons of racing was in my BRAND NEW, 1st time on the track, super stylish, super expensive leathers. Did I mention they were BRAND NEW?

How about new gear and a new bike. That first ride better be in a smooth open field. :)

When I know I am gonna ride over my Head the best protection I use is Charman.

I stuff a freash roll between my cheeks and that way when the Ohhhhhhh Shiiiiiitttttt happens

My shorts stay clean :)

Its juts something I do cuz of the drilling I got as a kid from my mom.

" Is your Underware clean, what if you get hit by a car ? you dont want to go to the hospital with dirty underware do ya?"

I still am going through Thyrapy on that one

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Is this the one your talking about? It was around $35.00


I had the PCS one and then tried this one and I like it better. It hooks to your chest protector. I forget that it there while riding. Heres the link to the site:

Here is the one I use


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