Rocks Suck

Ok, here is the big question I have been thinking about for a while regarding these neck braces:

How HOT do you get wearing one, especially the EVS model during a moto or race. Here in the midwest, the temperatures in the summer get unbearable during a 2 hour hairscramble especially with humidity. We have to pay close attention to heat exhaustion in certain months.

I am all for getting one of these things, but if I keel over from heat stroke after the first hour of the race because of lack of air flow around my neck and down my jersey etc... it would be a problem.

got the knee guards today. Hey flying guitars, thats the one i was talking about. Thanks. Hey Ego, how did you get a picture of my helmet :)


No Thats me next time your in Holister Hills Look me up I will be with Yoda :)

Pssst Sorry for the Emails Flinggutters

[ April 16, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Duc A flying Guitar

Nah he just crashed again :)

I recently landed directly on my freakin head, off a little jump that dumps you directly into a small woop section. At any rate, I wish I would have had one themthere newfangled neck rolls. Its still hard to back up the truck (cant turn my head around to see the right mirror). Wanna talk about knee pads, same wreck, split one right down the middle. I dont have any recollection of hitting the knee at all. I can only imagine what the knee would be like if I hadnt had the pad.

To Be seriuos

Along time ago in a galaxy far away, I crashed real hard on my left new at sears point Short tack.

The Knee was swollen like a basketball in a matter of minutes. Lesson:

Back then we did not have the new style knew pads


Catchers knee gaurds worked great for Dirt Traken.

Anyway Knee gaurds were the first item I Picked up when I went and got my new gear.

Until Today I did not know about the neck Brace...

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