the best stainless steel brake line?

which of the following brake line are better? :)

Goodridge, HEL, Russell (Something else?)

i want to replace my old brake and need recommendation about brake lines.

:thinking:and another question: did any one use a nology spark wire? ( is it that good?

I wil say that I went with Spiegler brake have a rotatable banjo bolt that doesn't kink the line...they also were very nice...can't remember what I paid but they are all about the same...

I went with the Goodridge-but for no special reason...

After a year its held up well-no complaints-but nothing to special either. Rotating bolt might be a nice way to go...?

I have a Goodrich on my XR that I am very happy with. I ran FastLine SS Lines on my GSXRs which worked very well too and they make lines for the XR. I went with the Goodrich because my dealer had one on the shelf.

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