Filterskinz what are they all about?

I've seen an older post on Filterskinz, and they were reporting troubles cleaning them. Do they actually go over the stock factory air filter? Or are they for the aftermarket filters like UNI and K&N.

Also I was watching a Speed TV show a couple of weeks ago and there was a 30 seconds clip of a dealer that make "PRE Oiled" air filters that come sealed in a Vacume packed clear plastic. The guy says they will sell for around $8.00 bucks and you can either trash them or wash and reuse them if you wanted to. They were Yellow in color. I believe they were call "RACE READY" a search on Google doesn't find any references to them. But with a price like that they sure sounded like a good Idea.


It really isnt neccesary to replace the filter unless it is torn, just use some diluted simple green solution (1/2 simple green, 1/2 water) and spray down your filter with water once its clean, then spray a good coat of PJ1 filter oil on and you are good to go. -Matt


What's up!!! :)

Give me a buzz some time so we can hit some trails in your area.

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