Front sprocket changout?

Hello all, I want to gear my bike down some. The type riding I do keeps me in 1,2 and 3. Would rather run in 2,3and 4. I did the same as I have done years ago by dropping one tooth on the front sprocket, however a friend suggested that raising the rear was safer because dropping the front could do some dammage to the cam? I have never heard this and to me it does not make any sense. What do you guys think?

i geared down and up the front sprocket for years and never had any problems.

I droped 1 tooth on my front. I love it. I dont know how it could harm your cam.

I did it to my 426 and love it. It is perfect for me and a lot cheaper that a rear. $15 compared to ~$55.

HURT your cam???

how could this possibly hurt your cam?

I carry a 13/14/15 at all times either in my tool box or on the bike.

I can buy 3 counter sprockets for 35bucks and 1 rear is about $45.

what makes more sense?

Besides........i can change the front in 5 or 6 min at the track as opposed to 1/2 in my garage for the rear and probably 40min at the track!

The only advantage to having a larger rear is that it brings the chain up off of the swingarm reducing wear.

I honestly can't see how changing the front could hurt your ???camshaft???

Maybe your muffler bearings could possibly OVERHEAT because of the extra revelutions on your spankhambler rod! :D:D:D:):D

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You are kidding about the guy who suggested dropping a gear will hurt the CAM ? :D

If not then I dont have anything to say about that today Ohh Somethng came to mind

Your Friend, His Name is it Forrest Gump ? :D

There is no way on this green earth that changing a front or rear sprocket will hurt the engine in anyway, Unless you put the back on the front and the front on the back, Maybe Forrest can do that one..... :)

changing the counter does have a more substancial change in effect then the Rear. It would put more tourque to the counter shaft or lesson as you raise and lower the teeth.

Just stay in those gear 2,3,4 the bike should be able to do that in stock gearing unless you are inmore tight areas

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I have an 00 YZ 426 that I only ride on trails. I dropped two teeth on the front- it made a world of difference. And no, it won't hurt your cam. Whoever told you that was blowing smoke. Dropping the front is a lot cheaper than upping the rear.


Define Blowing Smoke and out of what Orrafice was this coming from :)

Geez hurt the CAM can ou believ it

Next we will tell Ducman that ordering MX Socks from Poland is the going to cause glaucoma



Ego, I'm not sure the moderators would appreciate me saying out of which orifice.... You can just assume the worst I guess :D As for Ducman's MX socks, I thought the ones from Poland caused testicular cancer, Germany is glaucoma man! Get it right ego, geez.... :)

Going up one tooth will cause the chain to slightly rub against the metal reinforcment behind the sprocket cover. Going down a tooth will hurt nothing except your top speed. Figure one tooth up front equals 5 miles an hour. 3 teeth out back equals the same 5 miles an hour.

Thanks to everyone for the reply, i have dropped one tooth in the front on several bikes in the past with no problems. But in the past I did not have a web site to ask the pro's. I ride MX an woods riding and i think this gearing is perfect, by the way i never been on a MX track where i can reach top speed anyway. thanks again

The only slight drawback of going down on the countershaft ( :) ) sprocket would be that chain would pivot at a more exxagerated angle, and would wear slightly quicker.

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