whats a race gas ?

i live in israel and the only fuel i can get is

95 unleaded

98 unleaded

and 96 leaded ....

i use the96, thats what the local yamaha dealer suggested.

you don't need to use leaded fuel, in fact, you should try and avoid it...

use the 98 unleaded...

Race gas that is spoken about here on TT is a specially distilled higher octane fuel, and the main reasons that people want to run it is that it allows higher compression or modified timing to get a few more horsepower up high... to use it effectively you need to re-jet, and change your timing... Race gas by itself has no extra 'power' built-in, it just allows you to tune your motor a bit more highly...

Stick with the 98 and get your jetting right for that... you will be fine...



I'm guessing that the octane numbers listed are the "RON", or Research Octane Number. This would equate to 93 U.S. pump octane for the 98 unleaded.

Still more than adequate for a stock YZF.

why not leaded fuel?

the bike runs great with it at the moment.

should i still consider 98 unleaded ?

Hey man,

The YZF motor is designed for unleaded fuel, and you'll gain more by running a higher octane than running lead. Also, the gas in Israel is rated differently, and you should be running the higher octane.

When I worked for Honda there, they said not to run leaded fuels, because the deposits that they leave behind are not good for the motor.

See you in 3 months...

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