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YZ250 CDI Unit - Interchangeable years, Procom?

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I am putting together a 2007 YZ250 engine.  It is missing the CDI unit.  Procom sells a reasonably priced CDI but it is for 2004-2005. 

I didn't think there were any major engine changes on the YZ250 from 2005 to 2007 but apparently there were?  Is the 2005 CDI interchangeable with the 2007 or can it be made to work on a 2007 easily?

Are the procom CDI's any good?  I have a couple motocross bikes but this engine is actually going on an Open Rules racing go kart.  The procoms claim they will allow the engine to twist up more RPMs which would be beneficial for my application. 

Any insight or information is appreciated - Thank you.

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I know you can put a 2016 in a 2000 with a 2003 wire harness.

I think the only difference in your case would have to do with the neutral switch that changes the timing in neutral.

My 2016 idles higher in gear, my 2000 with 2016 CDI doesn't.

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