triple clamp

I want to put a set of pro tapers on my 426, yes I am not the brightest, but here is the question. I understand I have to put triple clamps on the bike, but do I have to put lower ones on to or just the top. Why do the clamps have to be replaced anyway.

YOu need to change the mounts, not the triple clamps. You can get the mounting kit from Answer Racing or the bike shop when you get the protaper bars. The reason you have to change the mounts is that the ProTaper bars are 'fatter' and will not fit in the standard 7/8" mounts.

Ask your dealer or shop the net...

Also, your other post about dampeners... if you get one, say the scotts one, then they sell a kit of mounts or triple clamps to help you mount their dampener, using proTaper bars... look into it before you rush into buying something.

The ProTaper bars are a great choice BTW... get the bend/hiehgt to suit you...



how do I determine the right bend or height. I just started back riding after 18 years. A friend saw me ride and said I need to invest in pro tapers as I am going to bend my factory bars real quick.

TAG makes a deal that bolts onto your existing mounts and then you place your Big Bars in its mounts and clamp. I personally dont like this system it is cheap since you dont have to change out the whole top fork clamp.

I would go with a standard Pro Taper system, just go to your local Yamaha dealer they should have it. The mounting kit will replace the upper clamp and also have bar mounts. Should be like a $120 and then either buy Pro Tapers or Renthal Fat Bars.

If you are a taller rider you may want to get some taller bar mounts to make your riding posistion more open. If this is the case I wouldnt use ProTaper mounting kit try going with either Applied, Emig Racing etc. they should have a good selection of tall mounts.

HandleBar bends are tough as there are som many. There are a few bends that the majority of folks run they are the CR HI, Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath bends which are Renthal but Protapers have equivilant bends.

I personally run the Emig Clamps, Tall Bar Mounts, RC Renthal Fat Bars rotated forward. I am 6'5" tall though.

May want to ask the folks on the board that are your heigth what bars they like.

Anyway good luck!!

You can go about it several ways.

1. Buy Pro Tapers and upper clamp with bar mounts. Going to spend about 200.00 on mounts and clamp and another 100.00 on Bars

2. Buy Pro Tapers with universal mounts. Universal mounts raise the heigth of the bar about 1/2 inch but only cost about 69.95 and then bars that will be around 100.00.

Unless your factory bars dont feel right to you I would run a Pro Taper in the factory bend. I am 6'2" and run the universal mounts with a standard YZ bend Pro Taper. Works great and easy to change back to a 7/8 bar if ever needed.

Just my opinion.

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