new bike choice

which way would be easier/cheaper i want to get a new bike to replace stolen yz426 i want a road legal supermoto with yz performanc option a get A yz and fit all lights mirrors etc or optin B get a wr and get yz performance :)

It mostly depends on what tranny you want. I would think that for super moto the 5 speed would be better but never ridin that style I don't know for sure. I think it would be cheaper to get the WR. The performance mods that are free will bring that bike to life. A new exhaust system is going to be cheaper than the lighting assembly and lights. Just my 2 cents

i agree. the WR would be the easiest option. full akrapovic system on mine brought it to life.

a full akra and re-jetting on my 03 wr450.

plus an extra gear!!

i would love a new yz450 for track use only tho-and keep my wr for road use and keep it clean.

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