What is the purpose of a steering dampner, I thought it was twist it and hope for the best.

A steering dampener is a hydraulic device attached to your forks (usually on the bar mounts or top triple clamp) and with a linkage to the frame. It acts in such a way that the turning of your bars is more controlled, for example, if you hit a rut or root out on the trail, the bars will not be ripped out of your hands and sthe bike will not so easily be put off line... at high speeds, it stabilises the steering so you won't get any headshake...

People who use them also report less or no arm pump, you have a more relaxed grip and you have more confidence in the bike going where you pointed it... no wash out front wheel in sand corners for instance...

A worthwhile investment, once you have one, you will wonder how you rode without one...

search the archives for various types, models, opinions etc... there is a thread at the moment in one of the yamaha forums titled "Dampener Summary" or such... look it up...



Thanks for the info. I need all I can get...

check out WR400/426 - Damper Summary - or do a search on dampers / stabilizers - heaps of hits will come up.

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