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CRF80F Replacement Stator/Rotor Kit?

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My 2007 Crf80f threw a chain and broke the pulse generator off its mounts, also the flywheel came out of true as a result of the impact.  After surfing the "wide and wondrous web" for a few hours I came across this kit that Tbolt makes.


It comes with a flywheel/pulse generator/stator combo, a CDI, Ignition coil and some other harnesses, etc.  It says in the description that it is compatible with CRF/XR 50's and 70's and I wanted to know if it is compatible with my 80.  I would assume that the flywheel on the 70's and 50's is the same (or at least the kewyay/etc. is).  Also it is a lightweight flywheel so i figured it would fit because its smaller. 

Just looking for some feedback... -Sincerely, Airborne

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This kit is for horizontal engines only, won't fit your engine.

Go for good, original replacement parts as seen here: http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Honda/Motorcycle/2004/CRF80F A/GENERATOR (CRF80F)/parts.html

Search the bay or buy new. And keep your chain and sprockets serviced.

F.e.: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2003-03-Honda-XR80R-XR80-XR-80R-80-Wiring-Harness-Coil-CDI-Box-Stator-Fly-Wheel-/352007292569?hash=item51f5450699:g:zKMAAOSwax5Yy1fh&vxp=mtr


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