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1999 Wr400 Clutch issues

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Recently replaced the clutch with new plates, bolts and springs (TUSK brand). The clutch cable is adjusted but the lever has no spring, the push rod is engaging but the clutch is not disengaging. Has anyone had this issue, Im searching everywhere with not too many solutions. Ive gotten the clutch to feel normal but it hits the cover with the clutch lever pulled in, in gear ( This is with the ball bearing installed.)  With the ball bearing installed or not the bike in first gear clutch out will act as if the lever is pulled in. I verified 7 steel plates and 8 friction plates. 


This seems to be my problem, so I grabbed a 2001 wr426 bearing that goes between the push rod and the actuator to disengage the clutch. The bearing did not work and caused the clutch basket to hit the clutch cover in gear. Which leads me to believe that the bike did not have a ball bearing after all. 

I ordered a new clutch push rod just in case as mine looks pretty worn. Any suggestions? 



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