Public lands petition

Instead of starting a petition that will do nothing, has anyone mapped, photographed the trails in question?  

Has anyone requested certain documented and established trails to be restricted to motorcycle use only as part of the TMP?

Has anyone dragged the google earth users out in to the field to look at the trails?

Having restriction on single track is a good thing.  Otherwise it will cease to be single track.  Keeping sections limited to motorcycle races only, and rotating them through the years (not using them every year) will preserve them as single track for generations.  It also makes for better race course as it doesn't get whooped out and widened for atvs.  Do not map single track and distribute it on the internet if you want to keep it.  Don't let other jackasses distribute your trail information (gps files) and use it to make money by destroying your favorite areas.  


A petition won't really do anything.  Call the Blue Ribbon Coalition instead.