best dual-purpose tire

I just converted my 650 to dual purpose. I'm running Kenda 50/50 tires right now and am not impressed with how quickly they are wearing. Anyone found a really good 50/50 tire?

theres lots of stuff on this in the archives...just FYI.

I like the D606 and Michelin Desert-but it depends on what you are looking for-i.e. good price, good wear on the road, good traction in desert, mud, etc... :).

What brand/model tire is your Kenda, Is it the D.O.T. approved one?

As of today I have 1800 miles on my MT21's, They have lasted me so far, but I do have my eye on replacing the tire on the rear though, as I'm planing on some big rideing trips this year I'm probably going to go with a new rear (don't know which one though). But I'd have to say overall that the MT21 has been a GOOD tire. By all purposes I should turn around a buy the same brand again, but for some silly reason I want to expirament with anohter brand instead.


wow irondude, your bike is built to the hilt! I'd love a spin on it...

The MT-21's have a good tread pattern and decent wear on the street but, the sidewalls are soft enough that when you air down enough for decent trail traction they start to feel squirmy and are very susceptible to pinch flats. The 606's which I just mounted and rode today have a much stiffer sidewall and they work really well.

Now I only ride on the street to get to our riding spots, and I ran about 18 pounds psi(on a 290 lb DRZ with my 220 lb a** on board) and they felt good on the street and better than the MT-21's on the trails which are very varied ranging from gravel washes, hatchet edged rock gardens and ledge, soft loam, and this time of year bottomless soupy mud.

This is only my opinion and we all know about opinions but I feel the 606 is a very decent tire. I am always looking for good setups though and I look forward to seeing other people post their favorites. I was going to go with an all out dirt tire Like IRC V-33 + V-35 but these were available at a good price.

Like I said they worked good today but the real test will be how good they are after a few hundred roosting miles.

Barkeater i totally agree with you. The 606 carcass is its strong point. Front wheel can be ridin flat for a long long ways...even if its a bit slippery in mud/sand.

But you outline things well-

Best tire depends on what you are looking for, and what you are aware of...

...the 606 will chunk (badly) on very hot asphalt at high speed. Baja in August hot. For me its something to be takin into account. Probably not an issue in the slightest in Maryland... :)

Bloosman-check out Barnums XR680R for a trully built bike!

I believe my tires are the Kenda K270s, and I've come to the conclusion that I need to get an onboard compressor or mt bike pump. In the past, I always just rode trail (now aboard a CRF450R) and was used to 12 psig. Since installing the Kenda tires, both my son and I have been running 20 psig on the tires, and i see most recommendations calling for 34 psig or so for the street. Obviously a Mt Bike Pump or onboard compressor is the answer, instead of running 20 psig always. Thanks for all the tips

BEWARE of the mountain bike pump. i am not saying don't buy one but i have one and it does not fit my dirtbike valves. just an fyi. check it out before you buy. :)

the other thing about the mountain bike pump-if its a small one that fits in your back pack--it can take a long long long time to pump up a m/c tire!

I ended up buying some 606s for the dualsport ride I've got coming up, putting them on in a couple of weeks, and think I'm going to order the dualstar CO2 thing instead of going with a pump.. thanks all for the input

I ended up buying some 606s for the dualsport ride I've got coming up

I've got the D-606 in the back and an MT-18 Heavy Duty in front. Works really well. The sidewalls are as stiff as plate steel! That alone is what sold me on each of these 2 different tires.

I've put almost 1K miles on the D-606 on all different terrain, including blazing hot pavement, all at 17 psi. I run that in both tires since I've got the BFP "Big Fat Pig." Can't afford pinch flats. But if it happens, I want to ride it out. I'm usually pretty far away from camp or there is no camp at all.

It's wearing really well. A little rough around the block edges, but nothing serious & no chunks (yet). You'd be surprised how long they can last.

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