which chest protector to get?

Which chest protector do you guys recommend? The local shops here don't stock much so I'm having a hard time finding stuff to try on. I'm not large (6' 160#) and I would prefer something with a snug fit and that doesn't restrict your movement a whole lot.


Ive rode with a Answer Edge, Acerbis Zoom Plus, and MSR System 6 and by far the System 6 was the best fit best on comfort.

The Acerbis Zoom was way too big and bulky! (although they are made for larger people, I screwed up when I bought it :) )

And the Edge dosent have enough protection coverage area.

But the System 6 was......just right.

I just bought a Fox Airframe and highly recommend it. Very well made with removeable arm guards. The darn thing costs $129 though which seems crazy for a piece of plastic but I guess you have to pay for the name too.

I've tried answer, fox and those types. I got one of the Thor thin ones and I wouldn't trade it for any of them. So light and hugs the body I don't really even realize I have it own. Some even wear it under the jersey but it does it's does as for I have scrapes all over it and none on me from where I've hit the ground.


The Acerbis II Plus is for dudes And some gals over 200 and 6'. I have one and it fits great holds my Beer belly in place and makes me look real good

It is very comfortable to were

And did I mention How good I make it look :)

BTW you can get it a www.rockymountainmc.com

for 119. cheapest I found

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You could be the first one at your track to get one of those blue flack jackets from www.ridingarmor.com

I want one but they're around 300.00...Id pay the money but I havent talked to anyone that has tried one. Btw....I have a fox chest protector. Its a little small for me (im 6'4" 220lbs) and it covers the bare minimum on me. I have been stung by several rocks over the last couple years and have had my share of welts on the outer part of my pecs...so im considering the vest more and more after each ride.


I have a Fox AirFrame which fits very well and provides excellent protection. Check one out at a shop.

ill give you a vote for the airframe as well, lots o padding :)

Love my Fox. It seems to fit us skinny guys better.

Although Im not as skinny now as when I bought it. Hmmmmm Winter insulation?

I have an HRP flak jack and it works well. It is real light compared to the other chest protectors I have worn!

I wear the HRP on the track and a THOR in the woods. The THOR has quite a bit more protection but I can't move around as easy in it.


Im 6'1" and 175 and I have a Oneal Flak-jak. Fits ok, not too tight, doesnt restrict at all. I took the arm gaurds off because they rotated. Every one I have seen has also taken the arm pieces off too so apparently its common. I was a fattty when I bought it, and it still fits so its fairly universal. It was only 99 bucks, but that was a 1 and a half ago too. Good luck and gaurd up!

My vote for the Fox Airframe, buddy of mine snagged it off of Ebay for 70$. The comparison to the System 6 is..there is no comparison! Fits great and is so light it is hardly noticeable. The shoulders don't have the netting that makes them ride up and not allow you to turn your head to the side. I have full range left and right w/o any helmet contact...that is worth it alone! Get to a shop and try em' on though..that's the only way to see what YOU will like. Jason

I am 6'2" and wiegh around 220. I have the THOR aftershock. The size is for 100+ pounds. The only time I can really tell that I am wearing it is when I nail a tree with one of my shoulders, great protection. While riding Loretta Lynn's, right front brake lever was mashed by a sapling, while I was being ejected, I grabbed the cluth to prevent a stall. I nailed a 4" small tree right in the middle of my back. Definatley a wakeup call but without the THOR it would have ruined a good day. I am very pleased with it, but have not tried anymore. Everything FOX makes is good. Just my .02 worth

Good to see another firefighter enjoying the mighty 426. :)

like motoman, i've got the HRP flak-jack, fits good,hardly noticable. jimbo

I have an MSR Rage. I weigh 135 and am somewher between 5'8'' and 6'0''. Its a little loose but after snugging up the upper arm guards its not very noticable and protects very well. I have no clue what the price is because some guy left it next to my stepfathers truck and never picked it up. Almost new too. Your best bet is to find some place with a large stock and try em on.

I just got a great deal on a mid-evil Knights Chest Armor

Man its heavy, but I can hit a tree at 80 and live :) to bad for the tree

HRP Flak Jak. I forget it's even there until I hit something. It always lets me keep on going. Something like that for my legs, now that would be nice!

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