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Signs my bike is burning oil?

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Hey everyone! I posted earlier about mixing oil. But now my concern is that my bike is burning oil. What are the signs that oil is burning?

With 2 liters of fully synthetic oil inside the bike, the dipstick always reads low to none whenever I check. Yes, I do check after long rides when the bike is hot. I wipe the stick, hold the bike upright, dip, and check.

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All motors use some oil.  The question is how much over time do you think your motor is burning.

Fouled plugs, blue smoke and engine failure are all symptoms of burning oil.

If you a concerned that you have no oil,  carefully drain all that you can out of the motor, and frame, including the filter and then measure the amount

that comes out.  If your dipstick says none and you get 1.9 quarts then you know that either your doing it wrong or the oil is not making it back to the

frame tank. If you get 1/2 quart and its been 1000 miles since your last change you know how much your motor uses.

When I first got my DRZ I was frantic about the lack of oil on the dispstick.  Thought for sure there was something wrong.  Well 10 years later I have learned

just like a lot of others that there is nothing to worry about.  I change my oil every 2000 miles and have never had a problem.

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