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Decent used price? 2015 te300

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I have a buddy that is wanting to sell me his 2015 te300. (He has his eye on a mint beta 300rr) He is asking $5000 and comes with extra brand new pipe, new plastics, and several other extra/new parts. 


I went and looked at the bike today and it appears to be in good mechanical shape. It had 151 hours on it. The first 90 hours of its life it was ridden by a fast A level rider and rebuilt top and bottom before sale. It has since been ridden by my friend who is very easy on bikes (lugger). 


The nice thing is, the suspension has already been revolved and resprung by enduro engineering for a person my size and ability level.


I've been on Japanese bikes my entire life and know it seems like KTM/Huskys hold there value extremely well in comparison. 


Anything I should look for in particular on this model? Does $5000 seem like a decent deal for a bike with 151 hours? I know this is probably dependent on where people are located. Just looking for ballpark. 

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Here in the midwest, that would be a fair price for a well kept bike, although if ridden hard (A rider), set aside some $ to go through the lower end at about 200 hrs. 300's are hugely popular.

I have a 14 te250 Berg with 140 hrs, and would ask 5000, but expect 4500.

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