I'm sorry.. but Yes... FCR jetting question...

On 4/24/2017 at 6:51 AM, sman217 said:

Just wanted to update you all; my bike had the most simple of issues. When I went to take the jets out/check my main jet, the jet fell out of the carb.... somehow, the main jet wasn't screwed in all the way. Screwed in the jet, no issues. 


Very dumb of me not to check first. 


Thanks to all

Thats funny, I had the same thing happen on my kx250f many years ago while out riding. All of a sudden the bike ran like crap and died. Dropped the float bowl right there on the trail and sure enough the MJ was sitting on the bottom! LOL

On a side note: Did the kit come with everything you needed for the swap? I'm looking to upgrade to a FCR39 on my drz. Would you reccomend getting the kit from keihin-fcr or the more expensive "newer" model from TT store? 

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keihin-fcr are used carbs on ebay,roll the dice and take your chances.the TT fcrmx conversion kit carbs are brand new units sourced from sudco and you absolutely know what you're getting.the rest of the kit parts are new sudco or new suzuki oem parts.

Before changing jets do the airbox test.....Partly cover 3x3 ..if better at wot you increase main jet size.....remove side cover and test,,if better your too rich and need to down size MJ....if worse in both instances your MJ is correct......

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all problems have been solved; bike runs great! thanks again for all the help you guys.


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