Help with Yamaha Zuma

I know I might be posting this in the wrong place, but I haven't been able to get answers anywhere else yet, and I'm going to deal with this Yamaha in a few hours so I'm hoping someone here will have some info.

Im working on a friend's 2003 Zuma that has been sitting for quite some time without being started, probably around 3 years. I just need to get it running again. Im very familiar with working on motorcycles and what it takes to get an old bike running again (carb clean, gas tank, fuel lines, battery, oil, etc.), but I never work on scooters and need to know what I should plan on doing to this Zuma. First thing - how do I open the seat? and which cowls/body work should I remove to access what I need to, such as the carburetor?
Bought a new battery already, I will put in fresh gas and 2-stroke oil, check the fuel and oil injection lines to see if they should be replaced. Should I plan on removing the gas tank to clean it out? It will probably need a carb clean, right? Should I plan on replacing jets, float bowl parts, float bowl gasket, and other carb stuff as well? I'll need to make a list of all parts to order ASAP, so it will help a ton to get some kind of idea now. Any links to sites/articles for this would be helpful too.

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