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Yamaha Warrior Gas leak when I adjust the Air/fuel screw

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So I picked up a 1995 warrior in AMAZING shape from the original owner for 400 bucks! The older gent who sold it to me said he hasn't ridden it in several years and just kept it for the grand kids to mes with, but they never wanted to. He gave me the title dated 1995 and I loaded it up in my truck as happy as a clam. Of course it wouldn't run so out came the carburetor and the rebuild started. After swapping out the main, pilot jet, accelerator pump, spring and boot, as well as needle and seat it fired up. I have a few problems however. The first being that the air/fuel screw was all the way in. After riding it around for a bit I noticed distinct hesitation between 1/4 throttle and half but it would go away once full throttle hit (and it hits like a demon). Once I got back to the garage I turned the screw out 2 and a half turns per the manual but did not notice a difference, AND it leaks gas out of the vent tube for the bowl. I adjust the bowl height to 1/2 an inch but this should not cause this to happen? Once the screw is turned all the way back in, the leak stops. Sick of scratching my head, anybody have a thought?

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