Need some plastics washers/inserts.

Hey I’m missing a couple of those aluminum inserts that go in the plastics where they bolt to the bike. Are they a fairly standard size with other bikes, any idea what they’re called and where to get them?

Found em at Bike Bandit, if anyone has a better option let me know. Thanks

They're the same as on other brands however the shoulders are set by plastic thickness usually so it's kind of hard knowing which ones fit from other bikes. I had a long time ago gone though and ordered a pile of different ones with common diameter so I have some on hand , they have been dug though many, many times .




I have used blingy washers with and without those oem offset/recessed washers without issue. Using these washers alone will allow for more surface area to bight on the plastics.
These washers do require new machine screws though. Here's some fleabay ones I have. IMG_1490048610.829691.jpg

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