DRZ-400s Rejetting

Hey guys, i just picked up a new drz400sm from my dealer, and was wondering if dealers would usually do things like re-jet a bike for you if you brought the part. I have never had a bike like this, or had to do anything like this to a bike, and would rather not mess it up. I figured i would ask around before going to my dealer.  I've done everything i can do to the bike, and the only other thing i've seen that i haven't done yet is a 3x3/re-jet. I have an exhaust from MRD Racing on the way, but figured i would look  into doing the 3X3 and re-jet first, i would just rather have someone else do that as i couldn't really find a great, in depth tutorial online.  Any help would be great. 

Any shop will jet a carb. 

It is not hard and you could do it yourself if you have some basic tools.

there are a ton of videos and instructions come with the dynojet and James Dean kits.

the 3x3 mod is just cutting a bigger hole in the airbox where the current hole is now.

If nothing else you can remove the carb yourself and take it to a shop and have them install the jets.  It will save you some labor charges.


Congratulations on the new bike. I recommend purchasing the service manual if you haven't already.

The 3x3 is pretty straight forward.http://www.pbase.com/jdjetting1/image/93329000


While I have some mechanical inclination, I have no experience (or didn't until a couple months ago) working on motorcycles. I rejetted the carb myself with no problem. The tools required are very basic. The most valuable part of the experience is gaining an understanding of how the bike works. If something isn't working right you're already ahead of the game for solving the problem.

Check out this video - it's concise. 


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