Down Hill cliffs

Do you wheelie over... or just roll over, lets assume 20mph


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When I was 19 I would gas it and wheelie over edge, chop throttle in air to stay level. Gas it at touchdown. Now I would just turn around and avoid it all together lol

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This^^ ;):lol:

3 hours ago, 1gr8bldr said:

Do you wheelie over... or just roll over, lets assume 20mph


How many feet is the cliff from the top to the bottom?

All depends on how fast I'm going... 

1 minute ago, Monk said:

All depends on how fast I'm going... 

As to whether you can stop or not? :lol:

7 minutes ago, cjjeepercreeper said:

As to whether you can stop or not? :lol:

If I'm going fast enough, I just go over...

If I'm going slower but it's still a decent drop (over 3ft), I'll pop the clutch to get the front end up and continue forward...

If it's super slow and a smaller drop, I'll just go over dropping the front end... 

about 3 feet. On a level 3 ft drop, I wheelie up and land on both tires, but not sure about downhill

3'  Wouldn't even known it was there :ride:

any good trials rider will say load and unload suspension before step ( trials guys call it) don't try to wheelie that's suicide stay light on the front binder after drop and never take your foot away from the rear brake.

up step you want the front wheel to actually make contact with the face of the step at around 70% from bottom. let the front wheel make the contact just before the top of step and you will have a controlled climb.  sounds weird but then the trials guys will show you if you look them up in your area

1 hour ago, 1gr8bldr said:

about 3 feet. On a level 3 ft drop, I wheelie up and land on both tires, but not sure about downhill

 3 Feet is a cliff? Just ride off the thing!

3 feet? Shoot, just float off that.

about 3 feet. On a level 3 ft drop, I wheelie up and land on both tires, but not sure about downhill

Do it the same on a downhill. Land simultaneously on both tires while standing. The landing will be smoother downhill than on level ground.

If i'm going 20mph, little bit of gas while deweighting and float off. If i'm going slow but not crawling, i'd wheelie down it just for fun. If i'm creeping in 1st, i'd just ride down it. 

So I did have a good chuckle last night when I saw the pic and now that I know the cliff is 3 feet, please take this as intended :)

There are a huge # of variables with this but for me the first thing is that you obviously need to know how high the drop off is (since IMO a cliff is something you jump off with a parachute) then what the landing is like.

So if its say a 3FT drop off and the landing is flat, I would most likely control my launch speed as needed and wheelie off landing on the rear wheel. Once the hight of the drop off gets higher, you need to understand how much impact you and the bike can absorb when landing flat. On my MX bike on a flat landing I might try something say 4 to 5 feet BUT I would be almost stopped before launching so I could land on my rear wheel in control and not end up with the bike stopping dead and me flying over the handle bars.

Now if it was in say in the 4 to 6ft range and the landing was steep and I knew I had a long run out I could go into it faster (think of guys doing 60ft superx jumps and landing on the down slope) but you still want to land on the rear wheel. Then with a steep landing you have an option of stopping at the top and rolling over and letting the front hit first but you want to be sitting as far back on the bike as you can so you can get control of the bike.

At some point my balls aren't big so if its bad and I can turn around or find an easier way down I will but I have gotten into trails that were super steep with HUGE drop off's and there was no way of turning back

I spent 3 hours last night trying draw most of this out in great detail :)



good read :thumbsup: 

For me it would depend on the steepness of the landing and the next obsticle. 3 foot drop to flat in a high speed wash, I would barely let off. Steep landing into a tight corner I'm trying to hug the vert and go as slow as posdible.

Landing is the same angle as trail. On level ground, no jumping lip, I would pull up slightly on the bars to keep the front from landing first. On a downhill, with downhill landing. it would almost seem that since the bike is already traveling downward, that you could just roll through it, no front lift??? Flu, has ran it's course, back to work, LOL, no more hypothetical questions.

 OK nobody's said this yet so I will.

 The biggest factor in deciding how to ride off this "cliff" is, what comes next. If you need to turn or brake you'll want to get your front wheel on the ground ASAP, as in land on the front wheel. If there's nothing up ahead you can just fly off it.

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