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Im new to the whole jettting thing. Dads not home till the end of the year so I have to figure it out by myself lol. Anyways I think my jettings running a little rich on my 97 cr 125. I have splooge spraying out of my silencer(It needs repacked) and dripping out of the head where the expansion chamber hooks to the motor. It also wont stay running even at an idle, and it takes 5-10 kicks to start. (the whole bike was rebuilt last season and has maybe 4 hours on it all. I took some bad gas from a bud and blew my top end, and screwed up my piston. I havent even got to set the rings yet lol. I havent rode it since last season and it got rebuilt. So do yall think its jetting or what? Sorry for the terrible post, i know its all jumbled up lol. Just frustrated.

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