helmet audio set

dos anyone no were i can get two headsets to talk to my buddy while we are riding (mics) 

dos anyone no were i can get two headsets to talk to my buddy while we are riding (mics) 

i don't know about head sets but i have a micro speaker called a groove cube that i velcroed to my helmet by the mouth,and it's bluetooth so i can wirelessly play music from my phone,or you could pair your phone to the speaker,call your buddy, and wirelessly talk, because the groove cube has a mic, and it works great, have you ever ridden with music? It's awesome, i can get pictures tomorrow if you want

yea i like listening to music will i ride till i get a face full of dirt and my headphones are in my dam head lol ill look for one of those cubes

Scala Rider G9 works really well. Been caught in the rain with it a few times and holds up to water, mud, dust and a few crashes.

Everyone I ride with is broke, so I knew I needed to find two affordable units.

Finally decided the Veetop unit off Amazon was the way to go, and one year later I could not be happier. Headset velcros or clips to helmet, and uses a micro USB type headset and mic you can easily mount in your helmet ear holes.

Aduio quality is good, range is Ok, and they can only pair with two other riders and your phone. Hands free calling, music, all that jazz was plug and play and worked just find.

One year down the road I destroyed the headset with water, contacted the company and got a new set in just a few days - good stuff!

Im sure there are much better units that can pair more channels and better range/quality, but this little guy is a bang for the buck that's for sure.

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