front tire

What is the best all around front tire. Every track I have ridden seems to be differant.

I like the dunlop 755 is grips up great on a prepped track and doesnt fade as the track gets hard pack!

Ditto's with Motoman, But I just changed my front to a 756, I ride in some soft loamy terrain where I am at to some hard pack.

It was a Birthday Gift so I didnt pay for it :)

LOL I actually have a 756 on right now too (only because it is wetter this time of year) but the 755 is the best "all around" front tire. Once summer comes (more hardpack) I will be back with the 755. Later,


755, hands down. Hooks up great on almost all terrain and wears like steel compared with the 756. Maybe that's why it's almost impossible to find anyone with them in stock right now!

My son just got a tire deal from Michelin so we switched from the 756 to the MS2. He says he likes it. He only rides at the track so that is all he has to compare to.

I still have the 756's on my trusty 426.


Once again. With a D755 front, you cant go wrong. Wears very well.

WEll now, lets not get all like that now. So the my relatively new 490 sucks wind huh? It doesnt seem that bad, but its all Ive ridden on that bike though to so my field of expertise is a narrow one at best. Thanks for the info.

Now I gottsta buy two new tires.


I rather ride with a 755 that is 75% toast than a virgin 490. You'll be kicking yourself in the rear end for not switching sooner.

Originally posted by Shawn Mc:

Ive got the K490 on the front, it was new when I bought the bike, Im wondering about what the difference to the 755 is?

I was wondering who was buying these things.

Oh well, I guess someone has to use all those tires nobody wants when they buy a new bike. :)

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does the 755 really work on hard pack????

they say it is a sand tire???

Ive got the K490 on the front, it was new when I bought the bike, Im wondering about what the difference to the 755 is?

comparing the k490 to the 755 is like comparing a YZ426 to a PW80 LOL!

I got the D756 which has been great in the softer dirt and I really can't complain about the hard pack. Where I ride it's mostly soft with some hard pack mixed in and the tire works great for me there. I'll probably buy this one again when it wears out.

426 Guy,

It doesn't work as well as a hard tire but it works decent. The 755 was originally developed to be Dunlop's intermediate tire (per their website) so even though it looks like a pure sand tire and is toughted as a sand tire it works exceptionally well across the board.

Most of the tracks here are ripped, so I start out in deep loam but later in the day they get pretty hard packed in spots. The 755 works great for these type of soil cond's.

I would say that if you're riding on primarily blue-grove then you might want to use something else but other than that I think you'll be pretty happy (especially with the wear).

I would recommend you giving the Michelin's a try. I've ran Dunlops all my life but gave Michelin's a try this year. I was going to try their hard pack tires but the Starcross MS 2's are so consistent for me I'm just going to run them on the front and rear all year. It performs well on all types. For practice all we have to ride on is severely packed red clay. (About as hard and as much traction as concrete. To top it off, the track is covered with rocks.) Then at the races it works great in sand and the loamy, watered down groom tracks in the morning but still performs great in the later moto's when the dirt gets packed. Plus it last better than the 756. (Not sure about the 755.)

Definitely give one a try if you've never ran anything but Dunlops.


How are they in regard to chunking?

Basically I ride mostly Saddleback and Elsinore. Im also not really worried about wear, so is the 755 or 756 the hot ticket?

How is the bridgestone M59 compared to the 755? I wonder if it works as good on hardpack. I saw Larocco was using it at the Phoenix sx.

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