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2002 XR650L build start - wheels

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Hi fellow junkies
I'm looking for some guidance on my first sumo build. Ive recently purchased 2 XR650L's and wanna convert 1 to sumo. I'm having real issues figuring wheel fitment stuff out prior to purchase. I fully intend to put 17's on and I really want to keep the stock speedo using JRRHotrod's speedo fix on yet to be purchased wheels. I'm still waiting on a followup from Kirk @ factoryproracing for quality component options but I did receive a follow up from eBay options and they suggested these ... 

http://www.ebay.com/itm/HONDA-SUPERM...item3ac496f058 )

Anyone have any experience with this stuff for just street use ?

Id really prefer Excel rims, Rad Hubs, and Pilot Tires but gotta wait to find a complete package with 44t sprocket, 320mm disk and relocation bracket ready to bolt on so if anyone knows a place to check that would be most helpful as well?


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I didn't know Kirk was still doing wheels. He builds top notch stuff. The ebay listing. I purchased a set up hubs from that seller for a project. The were unbranded Chinese but the quality was nice. I had an issue with the application I was using them for that had nothing to do with the hub itself and the seller was extremely helpful and responsive. I would recommend them.

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