Help me tame this BEAST!!!!

I just picked up my new yz426 a few weeks ago and have only put a few break-in hours on it. I went up two on the rear sproket to help with stalling in the tight stuff, then headed for the trails. It was not a pleasent experience to say the least! I must have stalled this bike 10 times in 15 minutes of riding tight woods and when I did keep it running it had so much GRUNT that it threw me all over the place. I have no problem handling it when the trail opens up but anybody can ride a bike in the open. I should also let you know that I have been riding a ktm 200 and a 250F for the past few years and I've never had a problem like this. Would a flywheel weight help or should I just SHUT UP and learn how to ride this HORSE? Any help is much appreciated.

Some of the guys / gals here have put a 51 on the back, and some have put some wt on the flywheel.

Sorry for pointing this out but maybe you should have gotten the WR fo your type of riding.

I know some of the guys here ride woods alot...So they may have a diff opinion

Also give it some time, the yz is a beast yes but it is one that may take soe riding changes for you to adapte...

Pssst Congrats on getting a "REAL" Bike

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A flywheel weight will help alot. It will smooth out the power a bit and help with the stalling too. I had one on my 99 along with a 50t rear sproecket, worked out great. I just picked up an '02 the other week and I've stalled it a couple of times too.

Right out of the gate, Id turn the idle up a tad. Then you may want to go the "wrong way" with your cam timing and detune it a bit. You can change the cam timing on the exhaust side and mellow the motor alot. Im not sure which way to go with it, but the WR guys go to the YZ timing all the time, so it can be done. I hate to say it, but you probably should have bought the WR. A quick fix will include slipping the hell out of the clutch, which your YZ isnt going to like.

Originally posted by Shawn Mc:

A quick fix will include slipping the hell out of the clutch, which your YZ isnt going to like.

That's called clutch abuse

Give it some time...

I have had mine for a year now and just got back from some really twisty, tight woods riding. I have the 13 tooth front and stock rear (49).

I love the woods...LOVE...I'm saying love here to describe how I feel about the woods on my YZ. Some will say get the WR but I rode one and it did not all! (no offense to the wr folks :) )

The grunt comes in handy for lifting the front over roots, ruts, rocks, and logs...just a quick twist and you're over it...literally.

You will learn the ways of the woods...just give it some time...

Ride On,,,


Had mine 4days and broke my leg on it. Couple of months later.....I took it to the woods for the first time riding with a friend that rides and races fairly often, stalled it, crashed it, slid it,drug it, well it rode me as much as i rode it. I`ve been climbing hills and mountains on motorcycles since i was 6yrs. old(1969) all over TN/NC area and thought i was a decent rider but the "BEAST" took some getting use too. I too wondered if maybe i should have went with the WR but after i rode one, i really didn`t want to part with my YZ even though there were some things i liked better on the WR. Fourstrokes these days are a different breed, takes a little time to get to know them.

I had the same problem when I got my 426. I wr timed it as it was suggested to me in this thread

and I am much happier with it. If you read all the replys you will find a link there that will show you how to wr time it. The new cam timing doesnt take much of the 426's balls away, just redistributes them. I also went with a 12 oz. flywheel weight, fmf Q muffler and a 13/51 sprocket combo. The new sprockets made first gear not be so tall but made it hit way to hard. The wr cam timing took some of that away, and I can still easily pop the front end up anytime I need to. After all of that my bike is still a beast and none of my friends wants to ride it, which is the way I like it. :)


Calvin, I have a 00 YZ426 that I only ride on trails. I have the stock rear sprocket with two teeth dropped off the front sprocket. This works really good for me, but I've also been riding for quite some time. The beast has a ton of torque down low, but it has never bothered me. Stalling has never been an issue for me with this gearing (unless I do something stupid and make it stall myself.) Before I changed the gearing the beast would just die right in the middle of steep, slippery climbs- not good! What headpipe/"muffler" combo are you running? The right header/"muffler" combo might help you out a bit too. I am currently running a stock headpipe with an FMF PowerCore IV spark arrestor. I've been toying with the idea of a Powerbomb, but I don't want my bike getting any quieter :) ! I've NEVER had to slip the clutch on my bike, geared the way it is the thing rips and climb anything without abusing the clutch. Hope this helps.

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Shawn Mc had it, turn the idle up and maybe go for a flywheel weight. I didn't like the flywheel weight effect on mine. I turned the idle up and got a "Juice Clutch". I love it now.

If your coming off a 2 banger it will take some getting used to. On my 2000 I stalled it so many times and had so much trouble starting it that I would have taken it back and traded it that day, but it was Sunday.

My buddy told me right off the bat to give it some time. Hell I have been racing for 25 years so I thought it was the bike. Amonth later I was converted! I'm on my 2nd one and waiting for the 03 450!

Good Luck.


instead of getting a larger rear sprocket get a one tooth larger front sprocket. It changes your gear ratio to the same as putting a 50t on the rear, because the 48 is smaller it stays clear of roots and rocks more, and if you're ever out on a track and think that the bike is revving too quickly through the gears you can just slap the smaller front sprocket back on real quick. It's a lot easier.

Be easy with your foot on the rear brake, this probably is what is causing you to stall all the, adjust your riding style and keep a finger on the clutch lever to save the stall

Same problem here in the beginning. WB head pipe and silencer helped with low end. Now I have dropped 1 tooth on the front sprocket and it helps even more. You are right this bike is a horse, but with a little more riding time on your new bike you would'nt have it any other way. You can strap a couple of tires on your back, and put a throttle stop on your back and you will have a WR. No offese WR owners. Just give it some time and maybe drop the front sprocket 1 or 2 teeth and you will be fine, you can pic them up for about 13 bucks a piece. And always change them back in about 10 minutes. Good luck and ride hard

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