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Active Release Therapy

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I know you can't see anything without an Xray or MRI, however I switched to a Health Savings plan that my daughter bankrupted in Jan & the deductible is high so I am waiting till next Jan when I can switch the lower Deductible plan to go back to the Ortho.

The problem is my mobility was terrible after my Laterjet procedure 1.5 years ago.  My chrio & I both thought I basically had frozen shoulder.  We started doing Active Release Therapy & I have good mobility now but I am always in pain, can't lift weights, even rotator exercises hurt yet it doesn't feel torn, I have good strength, especially internal rotation but external is still iffy.  When it twitches & tweaks out on me It actually sort of feels like it would when it would dislocate (the muscles not the bone), however it's not dislocating.  My shoulder makes so much noise I can't tell if it's scar tissue or the bone block anymore.  

In the interim, should I stop pushing through pain doing my therapy, keep going to see if it improves?  I read unfreezing a shoulder can have a lot of pain for up to a year.  The pain is clearly rotator by peck & bicep & the other is my superspinatus & down my arm, feels like I have a severe knot between my bicep & tricep & no amount of massage or release therapy gets rid of it.  I also sleep on in it & that causes a ton of pain, can't prop a pillow under my shoulder because we worked so hard to pull the shoulder back instead of being rolled forward & now it's very uncomfortable to keep my shoulder rotated forward.  Have bought several pillows that are supposed to help with shoulder sleepers but they don't.  I should note I had arthroscopic repairs in 2011 & the bone block ed of 2015, really not sure I want to be cut again even if it's torn.  Losing my mind on this & worse I wake up over & over & it greatly affects my moods, feeling energized, etc.   

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