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Idle setting: How to "adjust cable play at full throttle" ??

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I've got a '72 TC90 I just picked up. I'm trying to get it running again. Just rebuilt the carb and I'm following the manual for the stock settings and ran into a perplexing adjustment...

Under the initial idle settings it says:

"At full throttle adjust play in the throttle cables to 0.5mm-1.0mm with the throttle cable adjuster at the top of the carburetor."

I've been looking at this for a good hour now and I can't figure out what the hell that means. The grip will twist until the slide hits the top of it's travel...which is always what I've called full throttle. If you're holding it at full throttle then there's no way to add play into the cable...because you're holding it at full throttle, i.e. at it's full travel.

Am I missing something really basic here? 

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