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TC90 Not Firing - Getting fuel, spark and good compression

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Having trouble getting this '72 TC90 to fire up again.

I disassembled and cleaned out the carb the first time, put it all back together and got the bike to run for a good 10min but only with choke. Once I put the choke in the idle would take off. I took the carb back apart and found the pilot was still plugged a little and the needle clip was a wrung off stock setting. Put it all back together again and haven't gotten it to fire once. 

Here's what I've done so far:

Rechecked float height
Air screw 1-1/4 out (stock) - I've tried it a 1/2 turn in either direction with no change
Idle adjustment scew cracking the throttle about 1mm from seated (I've tried moving this all over with no effect)
Compression is 145psi
Tried 2 new plugs now (NGK B8HS)
Plugs are wet with fuel after kicking a few times
Changed the resistor cap. I'm getting bright spark, verified by placing the plug on the cylinder head while kicking
Set the timing according to the manual (it's more of a fine tuning really by changing point gap). Timing isn't adjustable otherwise.
Let it sit for a few days hoping some overnight magic would take place

The most I'm getting is a light puff every thousand kicks it seems like.



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Anyone know these bikes? I'm pulling my hair out over here. I'm going to need a new ACL soon with all this kicking.

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Turns out it was flooded from all the failed kick attempts.

Found a drain plug under the crank and let out about a 1/2 cup of fuel and oil. I hooked an air nozzle up to the plug hole with the drain plug open still, set it at 20psi and let it air out for about 30min. Put everything back together and it fired right up. 

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