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Missing 5th Gear

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here is a goofy recap of this winter's bike project

I bought an XR100 for $50 that was in pieces and figured I would spend the winter with my son putting it together.  We had fun cleaning parts and getting it ready and I figured sometime in the summer we would finish it.  But when I started getting the bikes ready for spring I noticed his XR100 with a 120 kit was having some more sound from the case than usual.  So what was going to be a second XR ended up being one XR with the best parts from each bike

the bike in pieces had the better bottom end and i put that together and got it ready.  I took the 120 top end, replaced the rings, honed the cylinder, and threw it on the better bottom end.  I got the bike together, fired it up, and had issues with the clutch not engaging. Long story short, I added an extra thrust washer by mistake and had to take the whole thing apart and put it back together.  

So, all buttoned up and back for round two, and the clutch was sticking.  I thought I was using the newer clutch but had to switch those out.  Again, all buttoned up and back for round three.

fired it up, idled until warmed, and then went for a little cruise around the neighborhood.  Brought it back and shut it down after about ten minutes of putting around and various speeds.  Then after an hour I went out again.  This time I went through all the gears.  All except 5th.  When I would shift in to 5th it was like a second neutral...nothing.  Not sure what is going on as the fork engages second without issue but it doesn't move 5th in to place.

I'll take it apart over spring break and fix it, but I am just wondering if anyone has a clue what might be missing before I crack it open again.  Broken snap ring, maybe missing a thrust washer somewhere, I don't think I put it in backwards, is the fork not getting pushed enough by the drum?

anyway, give me some ideas what to expect when I operate again.  Probably another oversight on a two dollar part.

thanks in advance 


PS  I'm not even going to bring up the Aussie lift debockle but you can read about that disaster on another post


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I haven't looked close at the diagram of a 100 transmission, but on some models it's possible to install a gear backwards and end up with another neutral.  The 1973 Honda CR250 Elsinore was that way and would then have a second neutral where 5th used to be.  Don't ask me how I know this..............and after forty some years have never forgotten !;)

Old School Al

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Yeah Al, I'm not sure if it can go in backwards but I'll figure it out. I have an old 87 cr250 that I have been messing with over the past four years. That engine is also giving me fits as the transmission is binding up also and not shifting correctly. But after Realizing I added an extra thrust washer with the 100 I bet it's something similar.  It's all good though. Bikes keep me busy and away from bars and houses of ill repute. ?


Time me to load up and go. Kids and I are heading out to burn some gas today

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