Wanna swap your 85-87 XR600R factory serv. manual for my 88-93 manual?

I have a really nice 88-93 XR600R Honda factory service manual and would like to swap someone for their 85-87 XR600R Honda factory service manual. How 'bout I'll pay the freight to you on my manual and you can do the same for me?

Thanks, Larry

Just bringing it back to the top guys...thanks.

I don't understand this post...you would have to have both bikes to do the trade?? Why not buy it for 50 bucks and save yourself the hassle??

Sorry it's not clear. I assumed someone out there might have an 85-87 manual and had upgraded bikes to an 88-93 and needed the newer manual. If there are no takers, I'll buy a used on on ebay for $20 or a new one from ronayers.com for $33. Thought I might help someone out...including myself. :)

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