Float must be stuck I guess??

Have any of you had a continual ( excess ) amount of gas leaking from your' over flow tube? The bike runs great, but I can't seem to get this excess gas leaking to stop, and I believe it's getting worse..The float must be stuck, but it runs great - not flooded.. Any experiences here? Appreciate it, Jim. :)

I've had a couple of problems with the float on my WR450 in the last few months. As soon as I would turn the gas on it would start pissing gas out of the overflow like crazy. I ended up just having to re-adjust the tab on the float to get the height correct and allow the needle valve to close. The tab on the float is pretty flimsy and looks like it could get out of adjustment fairly easily. Yamaha probably reduced the material on the tab to cut down on weight :)

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