WR front brake hose anyone??

Hey guys, anyone have a stock WR front brake hose kicking around they wouldn't mind getting rid of? I have a YZ but i put a WR headlight on it and the stock YZ hose is too short kinks too much when forks are compressed......just thought those of you who put on steel braided lines might have one collecting dust somewhere....must be in useable condition though, no kinks or cracks...PM me...thanx

You should put a wanted post in the parts forum, you might get more replies. :)

Just try and route it Honda style. It should be long enough then. :)

what is honda style.....

is that when the line does not go under the fork?

hose starts @ caliper, DOES NOT DO THE LOOP-DE-LOOP, but goes around and up the front of the fork guard. Take a look at any Honda, or a 2004 KX, RM. It is easy to see.

This setup is by far SUPERIOR to OEM Yamaha!

Sent you a PM. Have a ride engineering brake line for sale. :)

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