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Hi all,

I have a 2009 KLX-140L.

Here's the story:

The battery is less than a year old. I've not been keeping it on a tender between the last few rides, although I usually do (tender broke and haven't purchased a new one). It's been starting well.

I took it riding on some trails last weekend. It started great, ran great, started / stopped many times during the day of riding. 

5 miles from camp at the end of the day though, I went to start it and the battery was completely drained, the red ignition light could barely light up. Luckily I was on a hill and was able to clutch-start it and get back to the truck. Of course, it's very weird to have a dead battery AFTER a day of riding. So I assume the alternator wasn't charging the battery while I was riding. 

How do I know if the alternator is bad? (Is there a DIY or images of what the alternator looks like or where to find it?)

How do I tell if the battery is bad (less than a year old)?

How do I tell if it was just a loose connection somewhere? (I know the battery wasn't disconnected because there was enough to light the ignition light).

What do I do?

Thank you all for your help in advanced!

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most likely its the battery... or ground connection on battery

to check, start the bike (jump starter) and measure the voltage at the battery, should be over 13v when you rev it..if not, you can search at other stuff... just do that first


.also recharge the battery and see if it holds the charge  

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