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WR1998ZK PWM 38 to 2004 PWK38 TPS swap

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Hey Guys,

Ok so the road to rippin' continues with my WR250z I've had heaps of issues with the pwm carb on this thing and whilst it rides ok I wanted something better. So.. I ordered a TPS 2004 PWK to swap in. I've got a 175 main and 50 pilot in and a N3CW needle. Problem is the TPS fouls on the steal frame stopping the carb from sitting properly in the intake boot. Can I remove the TPS and plug the hole? Also as a starting point I'm at about 150m or 500 feet and around 25C or 75F. Is this a good start for tuning on the PWK? The PWM had 48 172 for comparison and it seemd to run pretty well but I have never ridden a big 2smoker other than the other day for the first time. So I have no idea how the girl should feel/sound or rip. The gearing does feel tall on this girl but the hit feels tame. 

Thanks for any responses. I'm digging this 2 smoke business. Can anyone tell me how you stop looking at the locals for another project? This could get expensive. :wacko:

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