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Few mod questions

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Hey guys,

I got a new 2016 wr450f not too long ago. I'm taking it out today for the first time so last night I did a few mods. I've honestly never done mods on a dirt bike before so I have a few questions. 

First one. I went to take the throttle stop screw out and the thing stripped like nothing. So im

stuck with it in there for now. Is there any tricks anyone has to get it out, or should I just take it to a shop?

second question. I put the performance muffler insert in. After thinking about it I may have done it wrong. The old one had two little  pipes leading off the mounting plate. The new one only has one, should it be pointing out towards the muffler  end or back inside the muffler where the spark arrrestor is? Also can I run the muffler insert without taking out the air restrictor out of the air filter? 


Thanks for for the help guys! I'm a newbie at this stuff trying to learn. 

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1.  to remove the throttle stop, you really should remove/unbolt the left radiator so you can get a straight shot in there

2.  you will have to use an easy out or similar to remove the screw head you stripped. Channel locks might fit up there....

3. do not modify the intake or exahaust until you get  the GYTR ECU and install it, as it will run WORSE if you do ( a bad stumble off idle)

4. The new muffler insert installs only one way if you leave the spark arrestor, which you should do.

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