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Here is something Interesting my Friend Mike that is building a 230/270cc stroker. Has the Cr85 forks took them completely apart, to see if what I said is true. I told him when I turned the rebound adjuster in hard. It made my comp harder like you turned comp adj in he said no way. So he called me this Morning and said I was right he can see how fork works apart. Another thing he found in Cartridge Mid valve comp stack I think he said has 4 shims. So he removed 2 of 4 shims. So lots more to learn about CR forks. The good thing these forks super easy to work on. So we will soon be able to test Mid valve mod, with drilled moded stock base valve. Also coming Gold valve  For customer with Cr85 fork. Before I install Gold valve in Customer bike, I will install on my bike. To see if we can get it to work right.  I'm glade to have Mike doing these mods as he is the worst nit picker I know on perfection. I'm only second.

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