Pictures: march 28th ride

me and my sister {endurogal on 230forum} went on a sweet long distance ride today. some nasty stuff and a few bad ideas in alternate routs home led us over into the wrong valley. :D

early off she decides to go for a swim {bike too} in a 1m deep 2 degree C river. note the air box waterfall and wet feet. :D


this is what it looks like when you try to get a wr450 jumping a log with a 1 mega pixel camera with an annoying delay.


crossing a smaller river.










Hey Simon,

Looks like Trials type riding for you and your girl. :D

I guess you are one of the lucky ones on this fourm board. Simon says, "lets go ride" the wife gets her CRF out and away you both go! :) Good pics thanks for sharing them.

well me and my sis {endurogal on 230forum}

she is my sister. my X GF could ride and she races MX too. but now im single again. :D.......kinda

so if there are any cute riding girls out there, come say hi. :)

cool pics,. nice to see you gettin your sis out riding. So your van girl doesnt count then? :)


i wasn't fielding for a date, i was trying to get a hello from other riding girls. the cuter the better. :D

as for "my van girl" she isn't my GF, but her pic is in my sig so she means something to me :) . she would be if she lived here or if i lived there. sad story of my life :D

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