Motoman I need your help

I downloaded the 426 microfisch and when ZI try to open it it looks like its in another language or something. Any Ideas

What program did you use to open it up with? I opened it up in Word and Wordpad without a problem.

The micro fiche is a .zip file, you need and unzipping program (such as winzip). If you dont already have winzip DOWNLOAD IT NOW This should fix the problem for you. BTW I just downloaded it to make sure it works, and it works just fine. Let me know how it goes! Later,


Yeah like DPW said make sure you open it in Word or Word pad (it wont work in Notebook).

why download somthing when you could just learn to speak compuer language. :) Damn, we really need a sarcasm font or icon.

I thank you . It worked after i got Winzip- Thanks again . You guys are great!


If I create a Word-microfiche for the 01 (and perhaps 02) bikes and the 250F, would you be able to post them on your site?



Sure, that would be great!! Let me know when you get them will only take 20 mins to put it on my site! Later,


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