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02 yz125 brakes

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I've rebuilt the caliper, master cylinder, got new pads, bled it countless times. But I still have a good inch of free play in the lever before it even starts to engage the pads and build pressure. Only thing I haven't touched is the stock brake line. Any suggestions for what to do?

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I just did the CR conversion on a YZ I built. Here is what I did:
1. Complete rebuild kits for master and caliper, new brake line, banjos, copper washers. 
2. Cleaned both components, soaked in waste gas for a few hours. Sprayed off with brake clean. 
3. Put new seals in caliper. 
4. Filled lower piston cavity with dot 4, slid piston in and out to push air bubbles to upper piston cavity. 
5. Filled upper piston, repeat until bubbles are out of banjo and bleeder holes. 
6. Make sure the pistons are not stuffed in. 1/4-3/8 out
7. Pour more fluid into holes. 
8. Install hose and banjo. 
9. Install bleeder valve. 
10. Push pistons in forcing fluid into brake line. Keep it elevated above caliper. 
11. Same with master, fill plunger cavity with fluid, and stuff new seals and plunger in. 
12. Install hose and banjo. 
13. Fill reservoir with fluid.
14. Elevate caliper over master and install brake pads. 
15. Install caliper on a rotor or equal thickness above the master. 
16. Pump, hold, release bleeder, tighten bleeder, release lever. 
Did this to my sons CRF (without the rebuild) soft brake, and bam, lit new gripped.

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