New, still in package, fits WR/YZ 250/426F. Simular to DR.D but uses air tube instead of cable. Bought 7 months ago from White Bros. All reasonable offers considered. IMPORTANT/ DISCLAIMER: There is only ONE of these. This is in NO WAY associated with a BULK BUY offer. Please remain calm. THE BLUEBEAST reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time.

Bulk Buy Did you Say BULK :) BUY

Lets get emmmmmm Arrrggggggggggggg

Wudya pay for it originally and how much did it cost to get it Re-Shrink Wrapped

:D I'll give you 25 bucks for it

Do I here 30


paid 80.00 but i know i aint seeing that again. Shrink wrap? you got me on that one. (It does have it though)


I`ll take $60 and I`ll pay for the shipping. Any takers? Hey, I forgot to mention i may be interested in doing some trading on things like a flywheel weight, Handlebars, 2tooth bigger rear sprocket, top clamp, O-ring chain, roll bars, fog lights, safety harness.....oh I`m sorry, i was getting a little too carried away.

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