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XR 80 Rear Shocks _ Late 70's Early 80's

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I recently picked up a 1980 xr 80 to play around in the pits / camp


The Rear twin shocks are completely SHOT !  Was considering buying some used ones from Ebay, but thinning I might run into the same problem.

I know "Works" might have some high end one, but considering I only paid $200, can't justify spending more than that for shocks.

I did find some on amazon, But Chinese ???  Anyone ever tried any of these makes ??







I know I know, friends don't let fiends buy Chinese. HA ....


Confused on direction to go in.



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Thanks for your response.  Those look damn sweet ! Not sure if I can justify them since they would cost as much as the entire bike, but you never know.

On March 26, 2017 at 10:42 PM, Alexxxx said:

Got a pair of these: http://www.tytrials.co.uk/trailandtrialsuk/prod_3829991-Pair-of-Betor-Pre65-Aluminium-Trials-Shocks-320mm.html

Very nice working shocks with 40lb springs. And you may choose other weights too. I'm about 170lb so far.



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